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About us

LIIk was born in May 2018 on the wall of a Milanese square. We like to think about LIIK as a "container" rather than a brand because our ambition is to offer different kind of products (starting with t-shirts, sweatshirts and cotton shopping bags) capable of transmitting a message: through the graphics, colours and words we choose, but also through the commitment to be as attentive to the environment and to the ethics of the suppliers we work with.

At the base of our project there is the desire for change and, above all, an invitation for action, at which everyone can take part, in everyday choices, that can have an immense impact.

"Choose your fight" - Choose your battle – means to be interested, to be passionate and to fight for a common goal, because when we are unite by the same goal, we find a common ground that, pushes differences away. DISCOVER OUR SUPPORTED PROJECTS

For this reason we ask you: what do you fight for? LIIK has a combative heart and for this reason we will donate a percentage of the sale of each product to an ONG that you can select on our "FIGHTS" platform, based on what you are passionate about. With your help we will be able to carry out bigger and bigger projects, together.